More than Just Booze: Beer Canada from an Economic Standpoint

Brewing beer is one of Canada’s oldest industries. Through a good competitive advantage coming from its good agricultural condition for growing malt and barley as well as a rich supply of fresh water, the success of the beer industry has become endemic constituting for a 70% economic improvement and stability for Canada in the last seven years.

Beer is undeniably the most famous beverage in Canada as evident in the statistics showing that beer accounts for 8.1% of the entire money spent on food and beverages in every household. Not only does beer enforce greater level of socialization and profound talks but it also supports families as the beer industry in Canada provides jobs from growing beer’s natural ingredients to beer manufacturing. Tax revenue-wise; the Conference Board of Canada affirms that the federal, territorial and provincial have been greatly subsidized.

At the frontier of the beer industry is Beer Canada.  Through the years, it has contributed widely not only in manufacturing aspects but also in socio-economic dimensions. Through good use of its competitive advantage from farm to glass, Beer Canada rises from a significant economic standpoint.


Beer Canada has been a significant employer in the Canadian economic scape. To date, it has provided more than 150, 000 jobs in Canada which in ratio would be represented by 1 is to 100. This means that 1 in every employed Canadian works in the beer industry.

At an average, 235 bottles of beer are consumed by every Canadian in a month. This consumption rate makes employment all the more backed up and stable.

Beer Canada centralizes employment as it is considered as the voice of almost thirty five brewing companies in the country, making their most valuable industry provide sustenance for everybody. Because of the economic success of the beer industry, by 2014, almost 521 licensed brewing companies started their operation, raising more the rate of employability through the local market.

Stable Economic Activity

In both micro and macro sphere, Beer Canada contributes to a stable economic activity. Through collective effort and individual quality control from brewing companies, the beer industry banks in an annual average of 13 billion dollars in Canada’s economy. In breakdown, this means that for every dollar spent on buying local beer, Canadians are giving 44 cents to Canada’s government. Further breakdown would also present that in revenue; almost 5.4 billion dollars are given to all levels of government fostering inclusive economic growth.

With this economic stability provided for by the beer industry, no one gets left behind. Through the subtle contributions of every Canadian, people enjoy good healthcare facilities, A-line roads and transport service, and more efficient supply of basic services promoting a better quality of living out of what people enjoy best.

Beer Industry as an Economic Force

Canada’s beer industry is not plainly an economic force but one to be reckoned with following how it has changed entirely the economic scape of Canada. With continuous improvement of manufacturing technologies and empowerment of local growers, the economic benefit gained from the beer industry will just continue to become bigger.

To have a stable source of state income that selflessly improves conditions of living through tax revenues and employment rates, Canada is not only using wisely their competitive advantage but has transformed beer culture at their economic advantage.…

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