Health and Booze: Beer Canada and Healthy Drinking

Beer is a very refreshing drink containing all natural ingredients like malt and barley. Because beer comes from nature’s goodness, it has relatively lesser alcohol strength which makes it good for healthy conversations and a good adult lifestyle, health speaking.

Contrary to what most people’s beliefs, beer is not just your ordinary booze. Beer contains essential nutrients and active agents which are good sources of antioxidants. Moreover, beer contains vitamins contributing to a healthy adult diet. As a matter of fact, scientific researches would affirm that drinking beer in moderation gives a complete diet.

Because of the health effects of beer, it is then understandable why beer is one of the most valued beverages in Canada. With no avail, Beer Canada and all its constituting local breweries have dedicated themselves in innovating how they manufacture their beer products in a way that involves upgrading its health benefits for consumers. A part of this advocacy is the release of drinking guidelines for Canadians such that beers are drank in moderation to insure that the health benefits it serves are gained.

Beer and Health in History

According to the World Health Organization, there has been a long established relationship between drinking beer and the health of an individual. The health benefits of drinking beer dates back to early civilizations and has evolved as settlements evolved from nomadic to stable communities. At the advent of agriculture, beer emerged as a by-product of growing malt and barley. As a matter of fact, warriors and hunters drink beer everyday as a part of their healthy regimen. It has been then historically found out that beers are rich in protein and carbohydrates essential in tedious works.

Because beers could be produced without distillation, ancient cultures have developed great fondness on the drink. Furthermore, because the natural ingredients of beer come from the starch family, healthy sugars and enzymes needed for proper digestion are gained preventing frequent occurrences of indigestion.

Moderate Drinking and Disease Prevention

In the present context, beer continues to give off health benefits for moderate drinkers. Drinking in moderation is advised for the efficient breakdown of sugars and enzymes which are contributory to a good health status.

One of the diseases proven to have been prevented by drinking beer in moderation is cardiovascular diseases. To note, the WHO has released a statement in 2014 saying that the reduction of coronary diseases which kills more than 70, 000 Canadians annually as have been strongly correlated to drinking beer in moderation is considered as the most important health benefit of alcohol today.

Diabetes is also one of the prevented diseases when drinking beer. This disease victimizes 8% of the whole world population and is a growing health concern because it is one of the gateways to more serious illnesses and it hastens the onset of cardiovascular diseases. It has been found out that beer alters the production of insulin in the body by activating faster secretion to help in the breakdown of bad sugars and cholesterol. Through this, another problem is prevented; that is, obesity.

Beer Canada and Healthy Drinking

To ensure healthy drinking, Beer Canada has been developing ways to elevate more the health benefits of beer. Likewise, to really reap these health benefits, Beer Canada has released a new advocacy statement to remind people to always drink beer in moderation.

Their advocacy statements also make people knowledgeable of the good effects of moderate drinking which fosters their diligent and conscious effort in making beer in Canada more than just a beverage for habitual drinking.…

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